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Announcements post #235: DON'T PANIC!

From: Storyteller Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: DON'T PANIC!

Hello, I'm Damiel.

You may know me from such personas as Storyteller Damiel, Heroically Succinct Damiel and Sonic Savant Damiel. But I have successfully collected enough coins and socketed enough mods into my xenoball or whatever you kids do in graphical land these days, and have hereby evolved into Producer Damiel, Pew Pew Pew.

I live in the UK and my background is in writing, editing and cultural management, and I have had many varied roles in my career - I have a masters in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults, I managed a historic house museum for seven years, taught creative writing at a university for five, I've managed overnight ghost hunting events, written copy, done a lot of freelance writing and editing, been a freelance artist, bartender, a literal RL storyteller (I worked for Bookstart, promoting book sharing with under 5s and their adults, and running daily storytimes - best job ever), as well as allll the obligatory bar and admin work.

I have a lot of creative energy and I plan to continue to detonate it all over Starmourn all of the time, as I have been doing since I started as a storyteller here in March 2020, hell... since I started playing a year before that!

While Neritus will be overseeing the coding side of things, I will be putting on Euke's very large (metaphorically) Creative Lead boots, which will also involve dealing with most customization requests, auctions, issues and the like - though we will be working closely and communicating lots. We're still in the process of settling into the dynamic and its exact specifics, but it's working well so far (I think)!

Things I am looking to move forward with:
- Main quest - Continue with this - I know people are itching for it.
- Easing off the gas slightly with promos so that we can focus on developing and creating the actual content of the game. I'd like to make sure that it is as polished, exciting and compelling as it can be. Promos will still exist, and there will still be a steady supply for those who want things, and a chance to get hold of our regular consumable type items, it just may be simplified and less of a driving focus. I'd like to hone in more on the lore, culture and running mechanics of the game, as I believe we need a firm bedrock or the embellishments will fall off.
- Continue with monthly RP events and continue to develop lore and homeworlds, through events, responding to player plotlines, content contests etc.
- Rally the wiki editors and regroup, revisit that.
- Work on fleshing out the staff wiki guides to various things that aren't there yet/are outdated, so that our storytellers have more resources to help them to get on with making stuff cool.
- Bugs yes. All the bugs. And review all the ideas.
- Several Exciting Projects(tm)! We've got some fun stuff coming in July, and we're hard at work on that right now.
- Working on a post-admiral space system (may not be imminent but you never know with Neritus about!)

And of course, the big news. Eukelade has been a part of Starmourn since it was just two atoms rubbing together in the ether. She nurtured it and helped it to grow into the amazing world we all immerse ourselves in. There isn't a single aspect of the game that she hasn't had a hand in developing, and we will miss her very much indeed. So without getting too sentimental I'd like to just say thank you to her, for giving me the opportunity and the trust to continue developing this wonderful universe, and for all the amazing support she's given me to get here. And most importantly, I want to wish her well in her new and exciting venture. Maybe there should be a new empyreal called Yuukerlaydii or something. We shall see!

I understand that this news may have come unexpectedly to you all (it did to me, too!) but it is certainly not a bad thing, the dev team is at work harder than ever, devoted to making both mechanics and rp sound, and like always, we are all here for any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, praise and (hopefully constructive) criticism you may have.

I am very heartened to keep reading feedback about how our admin team are exceptionally approachable, fair and interactive - and that is something that I think continues to be a benchmark for us. It sounds cheesy, but the players are what makes this game what it is, and are what will keep pushing us forward. Please do feel free to message me via the Starmourn in-game messaging system, holler on newbie, send me a DM on discord or email me at if you need anything. I may be a bit busy sometimes, but I will always respond when I can. As will all of the team... do remember your friendly neighborhood storytellers, too!

Saio - Scatterhome
Argus - Song
Nicnevin - Celestine
Soren - well... Soren is omnipresent, we all know that.

For now I will stop rambling and sign this post off.

*drops mic*

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