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Announcements post #228: MWP upgrades.

From: Neritus
Subject: MWP upgrades.

Hello everyone!

I think this list is long enough that I'll just announce it. If you haven't been around for a bit, we've been making great strides on BEAST, with lots of changes to Suittech, including a new ability! Today comes the MWP changes!

- MWP Dualshot: Can now be targeted at props deliberately, dealing damage to the prop. When a target manages to hide behind cover, the ability instead hits the cover, dealing damage to the cover, and the messaging is clearer.
- MWP Hooknet, Netlaunch, Airshot: These abilities can now also be targeted at props, but have no effect. When a target manages to hide behind cover, the ability hits the cover to no effect, but the messaging is at least clear that the abilities are now on cooldown.
- MWP Tether: When Tether misses a player because they are covering, it targets the prop instead, with a chance to drag the prop away based on the prop's mass.
- MWP Launch, Incendiary, Raindown: These abilities now ignore cover entirely (Raindown already did). The missiles launch high in the air first, after all. Additionally, the abilities deal damage both to the player and to any cover they are hiding behind. Incendiary additionally will light the prop on fire.
- MWP Missiles already deals damage to props in the room, but this will be clearer now with CONFIG SHOWDAMAGE and the AB file has been updated.
- You can now MWP SMASH <target> [PROP].
- MWP Focusfire: This ability has been reworked. It is now essentially a channeled Spoolup with the potential to do some serious hurt if it goes unanswered, like Gun Unload. On each tick, rather than hitting just the prop, the normal chance that cover applies is tested, taking Vantage into consideration. It has a chance to hit the player based on that, otherwise hitting the prop. It will still also hit ANY target behind the cover when they attempt an action from behind the cover. If the target is no longer behind the cover and Focusfire is still going on, it just hits the prop, damaging it. When Focusfire hits the target either from normal ticks or the action trigger, it has the same effect as Spoolup, inflicting internal damage depending on target's muscular damage, and damage depending on the number of bleed stacks the target has, but is additionally modified by the number of ticks Focusfire has been allowed to go. In other words, punishing if not interrupted.
- MWP Vantage: (From a previous update, but here for completeness) This ability used to require a) that the BEAST had their minigun mounted and b) that they had climbed a prop in the room. This is no longer the case. BEASTs are big. This ability now grants a passive reduction to the chance for cover to proc.

That's all!
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