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Announcements post #226: Fix it Friday Results!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Fix it Friday Results!

Every few weeks, the Starmourn team schedules Fix-it Friday, a day where we get together and focus only on bugs! Well, yesterday's Fix-it Friday smashed over 200 of them. Here are some (just some) of the positive changes you might notice.


- Nano Envelop and Guile Bugs no longer report OOC.
- FILL <x> FROM <y> should now work in all cases and not cause untrapped errors
- MWP PROTECT works properly again.
- PLASMA DISENTANGLE works now too and the AB file is clarified. It heals entangled.
- Clarified PLASMA SMOKE AB file.
- There are now 3rd party messages when someone is removed from climb.
- The following skills are no longer considered aggressive: Heartstart, Slink, and Quickdraw.
- Fixed Assess being blocked by cover... once and for all. This is a good time to mention that we've patched up our systems against these sort of things, but if you notice any AB files have reverted back to earlier states do let us know with a BUG!
- Stimjector now has a longer decay time similar to other gadgets and the AB is clearer now about its syntax.
- All abilities considered hostile should now remove masks. Previously only targeted hostile abilities would do so.
- GUN CAVEIN now correctly returns fail message when used outdoors.
- You'll no longer be notified to enter the unstoppable stance if you do not know the unstoppable ability, as this was confusing to novice Furies.
- TURRET STATUS no longer requires balance, so it's more usable now to keep tabs on turret energy. Just don't go crazy with it, or we'll have to introduce an internal cooldown.


- TT syntax now explains how to buy designs.
- Art now properly requires credits to learn like the other tradeskills.
- Stickers are now working properly.


- Fixed an issue where disconnecting players could get stuck in the novice introduction sitting at the booth.
- Cleaned up persistent player variables for hacking quest in Celestine.
- Added decay time to robot mixologist drinks.
- Boy stuck in Locorin swamp now shows as unstuck when you unstick him.
- Tweaked quest mechanics in Scatterhome's hacking quest.
- Adjusted quest output in Oldtown's scavenger quest.
- Adjusted quest output in Kovalar's poacher quest.
- Overhauled temple quest in Hororeon to keep a more consistent count of dead cultists per player.
- Fixed several bugs in Sergeant Auza's quest in Tabby Outpost.
- Tridactyl corpses no longer decay on the hour, and will only drop if you have the quest.
- Harvesting Allion rows in Selubir is now working properly.
- Dream poppies have a smell now.


- Link weapon damage artifact mods now requires they are genelocked to you.
- CONFIG AUTOREPAIR description is now clearer about its threshold.
- Fixed station mission honors counter. Station missions (passenger ones too) that you've done in the past were tracked, but not plugged in completely. So HONORS STATS should contain the correct number of missions you've done to date, but you'll have to do one more mission before you are awarded any honors.

Big thanks to Neritus, Soren, Saio, Damiel, Argus, and Nicnevin for letting us have some of your valuable time and amazing brains.
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