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Announcements post #224: June is Art, Auctions, and Tesseracts!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: June is Art, Auctions, and Tesseracts!

Starmourners! It's June, one of my very favorite months. For some reason, I always find my creativity seems to expand at this time of year. Maybe it's the warm weather, maybe it's the longer days, maybe it's a side effect of the Covid vaccine I got a couple weeks ago. Whatever the case, we want to celebrate creativity this month by introducing a new tradeskill - ART!

Yes, ART (see HELP 8.5.10) is our newest tradeskill, and if you feel like doodling, painting a portrait, designing a fancy-ass laser light show, or even just writing in a book that you bound yourself, it might be the tradeskill for you.

We know some of you might be full up on tradeskills right now, but we've got you covered there. For the next week, we are going to be auctioning off a Crafter's Omnipass! May the highest bidder win!

As for our monthly sale, what else would do for June but TESSERACTS? I hope I see some rainbow parties this month! Most of you are probably familiar with Tesseracts by now. If you're not, let me invite you to read HELP TESSERACTS. As in previous months, we are awarding tesseracts based on credit purchases. For the first 100 credits you purchase this month you'll get a tesseract every 10 credits, as well as the usual prize of a tesseract every 25 credits - meaning that the first 100 credits you purchase this month will give you 14 tesseaects! After that, you'll get a tesseract every 25 credits.

Good luck, Starmourners. I'll say goodbye (for now) here, but keep reading for lists of loot!


Along with the quantum space expanders, minipets, mildly interesting things, and so on, here's a list of exciting potential prizes in the tesseracts this month:


An indescribable cabinet
Are you looking for the full set of Battlemaster action figures? How about all those glitchy holoposters from music festivals past? Maybe you just like pretty rocks? If you do, do it with this cabinet, which will keep your most prized junk from decaying while it lives in this exciting piece of furniture.

A page-a-day calendar
Just the facts! Load up on lore with the return of this much-requested Starmourn calendar, which will give you a unique and exciting tidbit about our favorite universe for all 360 days in it.

A stamp of authenticity
This high-tech device will make a designed item non-decay, leave a mark of authenticity upon that item, and then permanently archive that design (see HELP STAMP for more)

a SparkleJoy BodyInk pen
The newest product from SparkleJoy Incorporated, this pen allows you to scribble endearing words, designs, or cartoonish genitalia on the faces and bodies of your friends! With several colors to select from, as well as a RAINBOW OPTION (!!!!!!!!!), this pen is just the very latest thing in body art.

A shipboard pet room
Unlock this new ship room and use the PetZen configuration panel to create a multipurpose, customizable playroom, arena, or den for your favorite minipets.


SmartCore Personal Stylist
Allows you to define up to 3 sets of descriptions, poses, and clothing sets,
then change between them instantly. Usage: STYLIST

Second Ship Display Permit
Allows you to display a second ship prominently in spaceports

Holographic Distortion Belt
Bends light around you for 30 seconds, rendering you invisible. Requires one
hour of passive charging after use

Streak Restoration
Will automatically consume itself when a streak is missed, preserving your
streak. Will work up to 7 times in a row, if you have 7 copies of this artifact.
Will stop consumption after 7 artifacts have been used up in a row.

Hardened Surveyor
You upgrade your triangulation gear with the latest tech, enhancing its
durability. OOC Note: will not prevent object decay, simply prevent charges from
being used.

First Class Ticket
Don't wait around like genpop. Take a special, ultra-high-speed transport
equipped with complimentary, first class amenities and get to your destination
in half the time.

Neural Blinder
This wetwiring enhancement automatically detects channeled attacks and
counteracts them once every 20 seconds. Interrupts mob-only channel attacks.
This is a passive ability. 20 second cooldown.

Crazy Jerry Premium
You upgrade to one of Crazy Jerry's premium delivery tiers, allowing you to
order shipforge supplies and have them delivered via drone. Supplies ordered in
this way will cost 20% more for processing and delivery.

Nanoboosted Adrenaline Generation
Increases the duration of SKIRMISHING VICTORYRUSH by 5 seconds and it's effect
from 10% to 15%. Does not grant use of the ability if you don't already have it.

H.E.T.E. SlimFat 9000
Allows you to CLONE BUILD <body type> in order to set a custom body build for
your next clone. No more eating or exercising!

Trading Net Downlink
Allows you to access a tradenet from anywhere, instead of having to travel to
the terminal.
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