Announcements post #217: Space VR arena!

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Subject: Space VR arena!

Hello again Sector!

Virtual reality software continues to improve in the Starmourn Sector...

... Introducing: BATTLESPACE, a VR arena for ship combat!

In Almasi, north of the transports, you can access BattleSpace. In VR, ships and ship supplies are free. You can build the ship of your dreams, fly it, blow it up, and build it again and again.

Since ships and space are comprised of many tightly interdependent systems, a healthy amount of code was touched upon to make VR a reality. As such, do BUG if you encounter any oddities with space in general.

Obviously, we cannot have free ships roaming around real space, and it's unhealthy for non-VR ships to be floating around the VR zone. We want to make it absolutely clear that NOTHING should be able to make it in or out of Space VR. While we've done our best to anticipate every possible way of accomplishing this, there will undoubtedly be something we missed. This also includes ship components, modules, and supplies. If you find a way to circumvent this, please do BUG it and we'll try to address it as quickly as possible! There should also be no way to fly out

VR ships do not last very long. On the hour, every hour, VR ships will be deleted if there are no players aboard them, and the VR zone will be cleaned up of any mines, cargo, etc. When your ship is blown up, you should return to the arena's station, and all means of spacewalking should be impossible. There should be no way to insure, tow, or teleport VR ships, and when swapping out components and modules there should be no adjustments make to your SHIPFORGE STORAGE. There should also be no adjustments to Captaincy experience in VR. Particularly looking at you, Admirals. It'd be a shame if you lost that hard-earned Admiral xp!

Not all ships and components are available in VR. Namely, luxury models are off-limits as are auction ships and the components associated with auction ships.

One last thing! Space VR does not work like normal VR. It is entirely free-form: there are no spars, events, challenges, timers, etc. Any number of players can come and go as they please. Please do play nice.

Hats off to Damiel for building the initial VR zone and station, which helped me realize just how very close we were to finally making this much-requested feature a reality!

See you in VR!
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