Announcements post #214: Mission Control Updated.

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Mission Control Updated.

Hi Starmourners!

Quick weekend update to the Mission Control grid.

Thanks to Zersiax and Neritus, we have some BRAND NEW artifacts to introduce to you all!

Honorable Retirement
Your faithful fighting robot has served you well. Reward its efforts by retiring it from battle before it fights itself to death. This artifact will make your battlebot unable to be repaired, or fight battles. Honorable Retirement is a consumable artifact, and can be purchased for 150 credits)

The Battlebot Life Extender
This consumable artifact will add 10 more repairs to your faithful battlebot so it can keep fighting. Available now for 100 credits!

Battlebot Repair Discount
Your patronage at the local repair shops has been rewarded with a good customer discount. Half off all future battlebot repairs! Available via monthly promo only.

Streak Restoration
Restore your daily streak count! Will only work in the 24 hours following your streak loss - once you go more than a day without restoring, you're on your own. Available now for 100 credits.

All the above artifacts are available on the Mission Control grid right now, but Streak Restoration, the Battlebot Life Extender, and Honorable Retirement can be purchased outright with your bound credits. Remember, these are consumables, which is one of the reasons their cost is fairly low!

Also available are two new Battlebots-themed customization packages - one for your ship, and one for yourself.

A 'Chrome Dreams' issue of Urbane
Match your bot with this high-tech issue, full of circuit-veined skin and bionic eye shields.

a Battlebots special issue of The Galactic Pilot
Sponsored by the Mechanized Entertainment Combat Cooperative, this issue is full of OFFICIAL Battlebots paint colors and finishes for your ship. Wear your favored type's colors with pride!

On the BIG PRIZES front, there's still a couple friendship tokens left, and the Bushraki Emergency Life Support artifact is still up for grabs at shot #600 - good luck!
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