Announcements post #213: Junk about junk.

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Subject: Junk about junk.

Greetings, Sector!

Most of you will probably have experienced horrible lag when junk is dropped on death, or when entering a room with a bunch of junk. Those days are gone!

Junk has received a rework. Now, when you receive your first piece of junk, you will hastily assemble a junk bag. All the junk you receive will go in this bag. You can still use said bag like normal and GET junk from the bag if you want to interact with the items like normal. When you JUNK SELL, you will turn in all the bags you have and all the junk in them. When you die, you will drop the bags, and others can pick it up. Now, the server doesn't need to worry about dropping thousands of items all at once and sending all the related GMCP updates and such.

There will still be some lag during JUNK SELL when you're holding on to crazy amounts of junk. That said, the lag in this event should be cut by a fair margin.

NOTE: You should only be able to PUT junk items into a junk container. If you find any way of putting anything else into the junk bag, BUG it. Any items inside the containers will be lost when you JUNK SELL, and we don't want anyone to lose anything valuable because they've managed to get it inside the junk bag by some means!

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