Announcements post #211: Sensory.

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From: World Engineer Senzei
Subject: Sensory.

Hello Starmourners!

It was a bit delayed but the last affliction tree is being adjusted. Here is your change list.

Changes to Sensory:
* Sensory Deprivation will absorb the effects of blind, deaf, and comms blackout.
* Blind and Deaf are removed and replaced with sensory deprivation where appropriate.
* Comms Blackout has been replaced in sensory tree with Sensory Overload. Take 8% more damage to health and subsystems.
* New affliction - Sensory Feedback: Causes person to take health damage when they attack. (200 sensory damage on delivery). 100 damage, does not fire on furys combo attack.
* New affliction - Relapsing: When you cure a normal affliction, the affliction will be applied again and relapsing will cure.

Skills changed as part of these changes:
*Nanoseer - Eyestrike: Can now give sensory deprivation, sensory feedback, blurry vision, and relapsing.
*Nanoseer - Echoing: Now requires any 3 of the eyestrike afflictions.
*Scoundrel - Disrupt Ammo: Deafness replaced with sensory feedback.
*Scoundrel - Blinder IED is now a Flashbang IED. It does Sensory Deprivation, or relapsing if the target already has it.

Next on the horizon for combat will be doing class by class reviews, looking at our PvP mechanics, and seeing how we can improve our combat!

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