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Bountiful Brawls - Weekly Group PVP event!

Greetings everyone!

I'm pleased to announce a new group activity the Mournal Kombat clan is organizing - Bountiful Brawls! 

Essentially this is going to be a three team fight to the death for a winner takes all prize of 50k marks! This is envisioned to be a regular activity and the first of these is scheduled to occur an hour after sync on Yarsday in the 3rd week of Ascension, 962 A.E.

For our hiding fugitives and lawless hunters, you need not worry as the venue is to be set on a large enough ship - sponsored kindly by the Baron Holgorath. 

Please send me a message if you would like to sign up, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Best Regards,

(TLDR: Trying to set up a weekly brawl so we can all go wild in group combat. Thinking to have three teams but two teams a side should be fine too. Reckon we're all arena'd out as well so trying to see if we can spice things up with a ship fight!

GMT: 9 May 2021 Sunday 0100 hours
HK/SGT: 9 May 2021 Sunday 0900 hours
PST: 8 May 2021 Saturday 1800 hours

Prizes and teams can be re-jigged/decided later on but let's see how this goes. No pressure to join - just wanna see how group combat looks like after all this time!)
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