Announcements post #208: Landmarks and other things...

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From: Storyteller Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Landmarks and other things...

Hello everyone,

I've just done a few bits and bobs around the place that I hope will help some of our newer players, and which I hope will not confuse too many people's pathfinders!

- I have added LANDMARKS to all appropriate stations, just the usual things like DOCK, REPAIR, PAWNSHOP etc.

- I have fixed the issue with New Dikamazi being two separate areas with two sets of landmarks, which I'm hoping will help with things like the fact FIREWALK didn't like that, too.

- I have made TRANSPORT consistently lead to the main transport station in an area, as there were a few (Song City and Sabiak, namely) where WALK TO TRANSPORT took you to a random PTP.
- The Mirror Lake PTP is now landmarked as MIRRORLAKE
- The Song City PTP is now landmarked PTP
- The Sabiak PTP to the Greenwilds is now landmarked PTP
- If you spot any more of these please BUG them!

- I added some useful landmarks around the place, like JUNGLE in Hororeon, TEAHOUSE in Sabiak, HANGAR in New Dikamazi, and loads more. I'll let you find them for yourselves.

- Added a new sign to the Omni central arrivals bay, which details directions to the various battlemasters.

- Added useful stuff to Omni, like an ARAXI landmark, as that often trips up new players.

- Added a holographic sign at Reynolds central terminal that gives players up to level 10 the directions to Marle (where I have fixed the landmarks, also).

- Added a few extra triangulation devices to mob shops around the place, where there are wildernesses (still not all of them, but I'm working on it).

- Fixed the admiral 20+ honors lines as they had mysteriously disappeared. Disabled a couple of honors that weren't actually possible to get.

Hmmmmmm... I think that's it for today.

Happy spacing you spacey spacers!

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