Announcements post #206: Body Art Contest winners!

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From: Storyteller Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Body Art Contest winners!

Hello space friends!

We had some AMAZING entries to the big ol' Starmourn Body Art Contest, which closed for submissions yesterday - April 25th 2021 - at sync.

I am very pleased to announce that the three top winning entries (in no particular order) were:

Eltohan - by Afesotinuilar Matari
Ry'narian Heraldic Sigils - by Kass Stareater
Gei-Vothiam - by Poet Yi'jiaru

Each of you will receive a special item based on your idea, as well as your idea being made a part of the official lore of the Starmourn universe.


Due to a high number of impressive entries, we have also decided that the following five ideas should be made canon! So the runners up are:

Mukblud - by Mystor Phis'tor
Chintacles - by Jaidyn Nova
Epitaph of Remembrance - by Holgorath Ironbound
Fingerpaint - by Rhys
Nanite Patterning - by Poet Yi'jiaru

All of these ideas have been added to the Starmourn Wiki as a permanent part of our cultural lore, and can be viewed here:

Well done to *all* of our wonderful entrants, even those who didn't make it onto this list. You all very literally make this world a better, richer place.

To those who submitted variations on actual tattoos - your ideas were also truly great, but we have future plans for those, so watch this space!

Best wishes,

Damiel and the Storytelling team
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