Announcements post #205: Body art contest!

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From: Storyteller Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Body art contest!

Hello there my lovely reprobates,

It's contest time!

Is there a type of temporary body art that is popular with your race or in your faction?

It could be traditional, cultural or a current fad. It doesn't matter if it's not something old and ingrained in cultural history (though it could be), so long as it's specifically relevant to your race. Maybe young Krona these days are painting their tusks with dayglo latex, or maybe there's an ancient tradition in Delphi that involves ritual blood smearing - those are arbitrary examples, but hopefully you get the idea.

Think what would come up if you entered "<my race/faction>"+"body art" into space google.

No physical things like jewelry, keepsakes or clothing, but things like paint, glitter, mud, blood, bindi, henna, temporary tattoos, makeup, fur dying, patterns, chitin etchings, tail dipping (okay yeah I see it shh), etc etc - get creative!

How to enter:
Please use the below format for your entry...

Character name:
Name of art form:
Physical description:

Entries must not exceed 500 words in total.

Once it's finished, send it to me either in a direct message here or on discord. If it's here please include a link to a doc or pastebin etc as it'll be hard to format in a message.

Sync on Sunday 25th April. So you have just under a week.

Winners will be announced a week from today before sync!

Three winners in total will be chosen by the storytellers.

Each winner will have their idea immortalized in the game's lore and on the Wiki, and each will receive an item based on their idea!

Extra info:
Even if you don't win, we may use any idea submitted in this contest and immortalize it in canon if we see fit to do so. Of course we will credit whoever created it in that case.

We look forward to reading all your entries!

Damiel and the admin team <3


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