Announcements post #203: Living in lawlessness.

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From: Neritus
Subject: Living in lawlessness.

Dear all,

Being a lawless individual just got a whole lot more dangerous.

Those who have EMBRACEd LAWLESSNESS now have access to LWHO/LAWLESSWHO, which shows other connected lawless players. If you have hacked the BOUNTY LOCATE terminal in Tranquility Deepness, this command shows you the areas where you can find said lawless players.

This change is a precursor to the long-awaited RANKINGS LAWLESSNESS, which is still a work in progress.

Please play nice and do kill one another amicably.

Let's piggyback on this post to note a couple bug fixes:
- You can no longer start harvestdrones until you're fully stopped, the first tick fails anyway, so this is just quality of life.
- Fixed an exploit which could lead to faster harvest drones.
- SHIP BEACON output has been adjusted once again to remove the ambiguity between the bordering zones Scatterhome-RS and Scatterhome-CS. The output is more squished now, but should be totally unambiguous.

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