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The Stellar Spectacular - PUBLIC 420

Calling all talented and talent-craving individuals from across the Sector! 

We saw some truly glamorous performances at the last Omnidancer Gala - Truly, some of those booty bounces will stay with me long after my 'sim has crusted down to base parts - and yet I find myself wondering how many other talents might be burgeoning out there in the stars. 

It is this wondering which inspires me to announce the next competition to entertain and masses - "The Stellar Spectacular" 

Participants in this show can enter any kind of skill or performance that they want to show off to the sector. Are you a word smith? A fighter? A nanite sculptor? A holo-performer? Dancing is still permitted, of course, but we want to make sure everyone has the chance to show us what they've got! 

Now, I know what you're all wonderin' about. Yes, preliminary prizes are already in the works! Thank to our amazing early sponsors, the following prizes are up for grabs. 

   1st Place: 200 credits, 500,000 marks
   2nd Place: 150 credits, 300,000 marks
   3rd Place: 200,000 marks

If you are looking to join the ranks of participants, send me a message confirming your interest and proposed talent. Everyone to perform and/or attend the show will receive a giftbag of delicious goodies and trinkets. 

If you believe you will be able to act as an objective third party in this endeavor, message me to confirm. An interview may be required. 

Join us on Ansday in the 1st week of Abyss, 962 A.E. The location is yet to be determined, but there are many details left to nail down. (// The show is tentatively scheduled for May 15th at 7 pm, sync)

Best of luck to all of you spacers. I look forward to seeing who will shine brightest of all. 

- Lupi

      Special THANK YOU to our preliminary sponsors! 

              * The Mournal Kombat Clan *
    * Keiko's Candyland and New Dikamazi Shipyards *
               * The Matari Dynasty *
        * Holgorath and the Ironbound Dynasty *
             * Omnifarious Productions *
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