Announcements post #200: Gambling! Woo!

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From: Storyteller Damiel, pew pew
Subject: Gambling! Woo!

Hey everyone,

You may have seen the gambling table that appeared in the newly renovated Selubir (if not, go check it out, there's loads of fun there... what's a space opera without cowboys, brothels and gambling?) Well... we decided they should be in other places too!

You can now play Three Card Smash at:
Malice in Litharge
The Verge in Song City
Gravity in Haven City
Lamentations on Omni Station
Haxley's Casino in Biloxan
The Golden Nova casino in Ishbi

There's a solo mode where you can play against the machine, or you can play with up to three friends, in multiplayer smash!

Minimum stake is 50 marks, with a high-stakes max of 500k.

Have fun!



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