Announcements post #199: Spamming you all about spam.

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From: Zersiax
Subject: Spamming you all about spam.

Hello everyone,

We've been working hard behind the scenes to make the game better, yadda yadda, insert marketing worthy of a rousing scoundrel here. Or don't, and keep reading, for this announcement's improvements:

- Some of you got stuck being unable to refine gas in their secondary shipscoops. This experience has been revamped and will now allow you to empty the second shipscoop by adding an innocent little "2" at the end of the command. If you have contents in your seconary scoops, you will get a note about this when queueing the primary scoops.
- RELEASing your ship scoops now releases them both.
- Using harvest drones , on either a super hauler or another ship class, will now require scoops in storage. This was not required before due to an oversight that has now been fixed.
- You can no longer launch your ship if it is still in the shipforge. This was causing an odd situation where you could end up dead in space. This has now been prevented entirely.
- The list of stations when using the STATIONS verb will now populate without you having to disembark from the ship at a newly docked station. Simply docking to a new station will now add it to the list.
- A new config option, IgnoreUnownedShipMessages, allows you to significantly reduce the amount of ship-related messages you see when you are on a ship that is not your own. This is our first step in making the amount of text ship activities produce more manageable, and we will be continuing work on this for the coming weeks. Watch this space.
- Throughout the next few days, we'll be experimenting with adding emotes to the Nexus window that currently also houses channel chatter. This should make it easier to isolate roleplay events from the scroll of other things going on in the universe.

Behind the scenes, various other things have been going on that will allow for cool additions down the line. Starmourn is growing by leaps and bounds and I can't wait to see where we'll take it next. On that note, this is me, taking it wherever it's going to go next. Enjoy! :)

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