Announcements post #198: More Tesseract Prizes, Credit Bonuses Added!

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: More Tesseract Prizes, Credit Bonuses Added!

Hi, Starmourners!

Hope you're doing well. We saw that someone is planning a Rainbow Party next week so we thought now would be a good time to make our sale even better than it was before!!

First of all, we've added BONUS tesseracts to the sale of credits. You can still buy tesseracts on the website if you want to, BUT if you want to invest in credits, you'll receive one tesseract for every 25 credits you purchase. Furthermore, for the first 100 credits you buy while this sale is active, you'll get a tesseract every 10 credits. That means you'll get 14 tesseracts for your first 100 credits. Buy 125 credits and you'll have enough tesseracts for 3 rainbow tesseracts, or 3 gold tesseracts! (Or just have 15 blue ones to open up all by yourself in a mad spree).

That's not too shabby!


We've also spruced up the prizes available in the tesseracts. Starting now, the following artifacts are available to be won, in addition to the ones that are already there (see announcement 195):

Nanoboosted Adrenaline Generation (victoryrush)
Increases the duration of SKIRMISHING VICTORYRUSH by 5 seconds and its effect from 10% to 15%.

The H.E.T.E. SlimFat 9000 (custom_build)
Allows you to CLONE BUILD <body type> in order to set a custom body build for your next clone. Goodbye, exercise and food! Who needs ya!

Trading Net Downlink (tradenet_link)
Allows you to access a tradenet from anywhere!

We also have two insanely fancy new robots for the more performative-minded of you - you won't want to miss this brand new tech!

A spotlight drone - This drone changes colors, illuminates you on stage, and lights things up to the beat of your music, be it chill or intense. The ultimate in ambiance and perfect for both stage and home contexts. Shine a light. Shine many lights. Be awesome.

A swarm of choir drones - Ni Kissare of the Daughters of Ur made choir drones famous. Follow in her footsteps and craft an epic soundscape to enhance all your performances. Will sing on command, and can be programmed with up to ten unique actions, chosen by you! Amazing.


We hope you enjoy these changes as much as we do, spacers. See you at the party!


  • AfesotinuilarAfesotinuilar Member Posts: 6
    Ahhh, that’s amazing! I -neeeeed- those!!!

    Now I gotta plan to get to this rainbow party!!
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