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Announcements post #194: Some more space changes.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Some more space changes.

Hello everyone,

This week we have some more space changes for you all.
As announced, we've been trying to integrate a lot of the good ideas we've received since Starmourn first launched (into and here's some of the fruits of our labor:

- When building a ship in the shipforge, you will now receive output about the new configuration's cycles and power needs of the new configuration as you add and remove modules and components. This is still something we're experimenting with, but this should already significantly reduce the need for a calculator, leaving you with more space (heh) on your desk for other things, at least while building ships that is.
- We've revamped the gas harvesting drones significantly. Superhaulers are still the only ships that do this natively, but a new small ship module will now allow you to enable other ship classes to use these as well, provided you have drones in storage and the required captaincy level of course.
- Speaking of captaincy level, the level required for harvest drones has been significantly decreased. This will make it easier for everyone to scoop gas, but in particular our screenreader users will have an easier way breaking into space. We are aware some of the space-based activities aren't the most accessible ever, it's being worked on.
- Finally, while I joke about the generic "bug fixes and performance improvements" changelogs a lot, we actually do have some performance improvements this week, particularly where the mapper is involved.

That'll be enough out of me for now. I'll go back to building cool things.
In any space, feel free to BUG it if something inadvertently blows up, and we'll take a look when we can. Enjoy the game. :-)

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