Announcements post #193: Pilots - we need your help!

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From: Heroically Concise Damiel
Subject: Pilots - we need your help!

Hello everyone,

Today I have been tinkering with incursions. As most of you are aware, they were a little unbalanced, and also the medium incursion type was slightly pointless as corvettes were able to do hard incursions.

I have been trying to balance it so that:
Easy = Interceptor
Medium = Corvette
Hard = Destroyer

I ~think~ I have made them a little more balanced (i.e. the hard incursions are harder etc). But my brain is now made from elessium clouds and I need to not stare at incursions anymore for a small while.

There also may be an imbalance between organic mobs and ship mobs, but that's okay I think as there should be.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU ALL is... please test them! If you find any bugs or imbalances please use the syntax BUG INCURSION_TEST <text> so that I can find them easily!

Before you all jump on me - yes there are other things in the works too, but balancing and fixing existing ones has to happen first, so the sooner we get this done the sooner we can bring you more exciting new things!

Go blow daka up.

Damiel (pew pew)


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    Here's a report of me vs a Legendary incursion:

    It was a Vonikin Krel one, so non-organic ships. I arrived late when the incursion had 15% time left, and managed to take down roughly half of what was available. Each ship was 5% enemies so I assume it was 20 enemies total. Got 10 of them.

    Difficulty: I was in a battleship and didn't feel like I was in any real danger, BUT it's meant for a cruiser so no surprise. The enemies got me to 40% shields at one time thanks to the battleship's fun turning speed. They hit for 750 shields/hull and seemed to have about 4k shields (and ~2k hull) each.

    Rewards: Got 4% exp at captaincy level 50. Earned 15k marks. Enemies drop cargo (batteries, repairkits) so funnily enough I ended up net neutral in terms of battery expenditure.

    Overall pretty good if you want to make space combat your main source of cash in this game. Definitely way better than what we had before, good job.
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