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Announcements post #192: Storyteller Update!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Storyteller Update!

I bet you're all wondering what happened with those Storyteller applications, right? Well, you might have caught it if you happen to get our email newsletters (sign up if you don't, they're full of great info!), but in case you didn't, here's the formal announcement!

Please welcome Nicnevin, Neritus, and Argus to the ranks of Starmourn's Storytellers! Neritus and Argus will both be assigned to the Song Dominion, while Nicnevin is going to be helping out Damiel with the Celestine Ascendancy!

(Unfortunately none of the incoming Storytellers were eligible to be assigned to Scatterhome, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for someone to pair up with Saio soon!)

This is a great crew, and I'm excited to see what they all come up with! Thanks, Storytellers!
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