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Announcements post #191: Arrizuri and Jelle tweaks.

From: Heroically Concise Damiel
Subject: Arrizuri and Jelle tweaks.

Hi everyone,

I've just been through and adjusted a few PvE and quest details in Arrizuri Quarry and Jelle.

- Heik-il vines now have a slightly slower attack speed, to allow for players to interrupt that nasty insta-kill more effectively!
- Jelle quest targets now have a reset time that matches the quest time-out instead of randomly disappearing.
- 'Doing it for charity' no longer means you don't get any exp!
- Lasamas and Atzaparaki have been adjusted so that they are actually a viable bashing target for L50-65 as stated in AREAS.
- Arrizurri is now accessible via PTP from the Song Voidgate and Horizon's Reign.

Hope this is helpful!

Damiel <3
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