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Announcements post #190: Howdy from Selubir!

edited February 2021 in Announce Posts
From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Howdy from Selubir!

Howdy, folks!

Damiel and I have been working on this for a long time, and it has finally come to fruition! There's a lot to see, so you're probably better off just giving it a visit, but Selubir has been given a lot more love, lore, and flavor.

A few specifics...

-Probably most importantly, the windmill drones have been made slightly less frustrating and Vasily now sends new players to his brother to learn how to interrupt them (and other creatures with windups!) Long overdue, I know!
-Selubir has both a tutor and a weapon shop now, so no need to head home quite as often. We have also added in an NPC to make it clear to newbies that they don't need to stay in Selubir to level up for the MQ, and that they're free to go whenever they want...
-...but hopefully they won't need to quite as urgently, as we have added 5 other new quests for the Selubir level range as well as a little newbie bashing area, Eotvos Lake, with a new mob. Remember the lake darters from the tutorial? They exist now!
-As do other, some more annoying, bugs and critters... all in all 5 new animals with xenozoo entries! Scan away!
-More fun lore stuff and fun things to explore, I won't give it all away. Go visit for yourself!


-Given that more people will hopefully be wanting to hunt and quest and maybe even hang out there, Selubir now has a transport from the Scatterhome voidgate!

Have fun! Watch your moonshine consumption! Oh, wait, that's what wetwiring is for!

Your friendly neighborhood broncayo rustler,
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