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Announcements post #189: Surprise Sale Switchup - Mission Control is BACK!

edited February 2021 in Announce Posts
From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Surprise Sale Switchup - Mission Control is BACK!

Hi Starmourners!

You might notice, if you go to the website (, that our sale has been adjusted slightly. That's right, Mission Control is back for the rest of the month, but the Amory darts are ALSO still available to purchase! What does this mean, exactly?

Well, to put it simply, if you want glowing love tokens to spend in the Amory's pop-up shop in Omni Station, you will still need to go after Fabulous Friendship, Lucky Lover, and Perilous Passion boxes by shooting all your friends! If you want some of the new content we've added to the sale, you'll have to get Mission Control missile batteries.

Good news, though - the new artifacts and prizes available in the Amory boxes are ALSO available on the Mission Control grid (see announcement 184 for a complete list!), and the daily xenozoo bounty will give you a glowing love token AND a miniature missile, so hopefully you won't find your choices too difficult to make!

As for some of the new content we've added, let's go over it now!

A quantum space expander - Add +10 capacity to any container!
A broncayo foal - Hmmm - where could this adorable little guy be from?
A Selubir special issue of The Galactic Pilot - New ship customizations with a decidedly frontier flair.
An aquatic vorstenoot plant - Native to the icy waters of Uycheon III, this plant will be a perfect addition to your fishtank.
A circular cosmic holocard frame - Preserve your precious memories in this star-spangled decor item.

As ever, there will be a big prize (portable heartstart) awarded for every 150 and 300 shots on the Mission Control grid, so start shooting! There's a lot of prizes to win before February ends. Good luck!
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