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Announcements post #187: Afflictions: Muscular.

From: World Engineer Senzei
Subject: Afflictions: Muscular.

Hello Starmourners!

As part of our ongoing commitment to making the best we can, some changes have been made. I have been working behind the scenes with a group that has a long history in combat to make changes.

The affliction classleads are being implemented now on a tree by tree basis. Today the Muscular changes are going in.

- Crippled has replaced Myopathy at 50% muscular. Myopathy is gone.
- 75% is now Torpor, -1 movement speed.

One other change is being evaluated: Whether crippled/damaged limbs should have expiration timers. Currently they do not expire once given, so they just sit around for seemingly ever. We are evaluating what effect it would have to add a timer and what level the timer should be.

The next affliction tree coming up is mind!

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