Announcements post #186: Promo tradein values!

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From: Heroically Concise Damiel
Subject: Promo tradein values!

Hey everyone,

Here's the news a lot of you have been waiting for...

The promo list tradein values have been updated!!!

Check PROMO LIST now to see the new values.

You will find that everything there has a much more reasonable credit value now. So feel free to get rid of those 5000 Poffy Tango bobbleheads at your leisure.

Descriptions and usages for all promo items will be updated soon, but as that will take a little longer, I thought the tradein value was priority.

Genevaults and zines etc have not been added as you already get a credit value for those if you've got all the options from them. Zines are on there for 1 credit just so you can get rid of the expired ones.

Have fun spring cleaning!

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