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Announcements post #182: Tweaks and Bug Fixes!

From: World Engineer Senzei
Subject: Tweaks and Bug Fixes!

Hello Starmourners!

Some new changes for everyone.

- Scorched damage source is no longer "gun", it is "none".
- Asymmetry no longer does balance loss, it now gives staggered. The reason for this was to remove permanent balance loss offenses, while giving staggered to offer another help for internal kill route.
- Subsystem damage (internal bleeding) will no longer wake.
- Nanoseers will no longer consume frenzy to damage they did to themselves through things like falling, low sanity, etc. This should make it easier to plan your frenzy.
- Gunslinging Ambush has a different line when failing for BRIEF users. Instead of "Gunslinging Ambush -> You" or such, it will now say "Gunslinging Ambush (fail) -> You".
- Bots - Deconstruct now works. It has also been enabled, so it no longer shows as -1745 lessons or other odd numbers.


- Senzei
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