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With us being a couple months out ( I really really hope) lol, i started to heavy research classes and I decided to settle on Fury (may switch back to nanoseer but we will see) Something about their desc confuses me though and it's this. You rarely stay in the same stance from attack to attack, and you don’t manually-trigger your stance changes. The attack you use and the stance you were previously in determines what stance you flow to. Is this like the monks abilities in lusternia?? 


  • sounds a bit like the monk in FFXIV too...
  • They way it was described on announcement of the class (there's a forum post somewhere if you want to dig it up) was that each skill has a stance requirement, and ends with a stance change (potentially).

    How I read it was that if you're in say "Crane" stance, you'll have a set of skills available.  Let's say we use "Eye Poke" which then flows to the Monkey stance.  So we'd be in crane, we'd poke someone's eyes out, and then we'd be in monkey where we could now do "Banana Throw," but no longer do "Eye Poke."

    I'm familiar with Monk in Achaea which I assume is similar to Lusternia.  Difference being that you have to do a manual stance change traditionally as opposed to using an ability that will take us to the new stance.

    Really it's all speculation from my side since the game isn't out yet. :D
  • Archer is correct, yep. Your moves flow you through different stances.
  • oooh I like it even more now!

  • *droos* fury whoorn incoming

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