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Announcements post #178: New Prizes For Mission Control!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: New Prizes For Mission Control!

Hey all. Just a quick update to our Mission Control game this month. As of this posting, the count has been reset to 0, which means that whoever lands shot 150 will take home the rare Heartstart artifact, allowing you to revive a fallen player once an hour. At shot 300, a second Heartstart prize will be given away!

Not only that, but the frequency of bonus credit prizes has been increased! Now, every 25 shots, someone will take home a bonus 50 credit prize.

We have a few brand new prizes on the grid as well.

Because it's the new year, you might want to take home our page-a-day holographic calendar. This calendar will handily tell you the date when you probe it, along with a random fact about the sector you live in or a unique historical tidbit about the day in question. That's 360 unique facts about Starmourn. If you're a lore junky, this prize is for you.

We also have two new zines thanks to the hard work of Soren and Damiel - dress your metallic best with the styles found in Asteroid Mining Weekly, or dazzle the galaxy with Urbane's new "Interstellar" collection of customization options.

Good luck with the prize winning, Starmourners!


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