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Announcements post #177: Ship Customization Improvements, Part One.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Ship Customization Improvements, Part One.

Hello, Starmourners!

You may have noticed, if you've travelled through a docking bay in the last few...minutes...that the usual glut of interceptors, corvettes, superhaulers, and etcetera is gone from the bottom of the room descriptions. That is because we've released the first of two planned changes to our ship customization system. We have mechanical improvements in the works as well, but because I am extra, I really wanted to give you all a reason to pimp your rides. Thanks to Zersiax's hard work, the following changes have occurred:

- Ships will now only display to the room they're docked in if you choose to display them.
- Ships will now exist with their own unique room entry and display by name, make, and model, instead of being grouped into a generic cluster of its class.
- Ships are now able to be looked at by typing LOOK SHIPNAME instead of sorting through a massive list of currently docked vessels.

To display your ship to a station when it is docked, type SHIP VISIBLE ON while on board your vessel. Currently, to cut down on room spam, only players with captaincy level 5 and over can make their ship visible to a room, and you may only have one ship on display at any one time.

Remember, to customize your ship's paint job, hull shape, and a bunch of other things, use the SHIP DESIGN command while docked at a station with a chopshop. Check out HELP CHOPSHOP for more.

More changes to this system coming next week. Enjoy the new visibility and ease of ogling other people's ships!
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