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Announcements post #176: Wiki Update!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Wiki Update!

Hey everyone! Every once in awhile, I like to remind the playerbase that the Starmourn wiki is a valuable resource for game-related information.

In the past several months the wiki editors have been slowly adding AB messages from many classes and skills to the wiki, along with ship room descriptions, making it a great OOC resource if you don't have time to log in to the game. In addition, they've been fleshing out the database of plants and animals and people and places that already exist in Starmourn (as well as adding new stuff!).

Today, Damiel made a huge update to existing Jin lore, most notable the Bread Ritual and details about Ir-Vothiam, the Jin martial art. There are a lot of interesting things that have been revealed about everyone's favorite death loving, three-eyed purple people.

I think everyone should go check out the wiki if you haven't already - there's so much there to learn.
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