Idea: Elgan Public Access Holoshrine

AfesotinuilarAfesotinuilar Member Posts: 3
Here with a little proposal for a shiny RP/lore tool. How do my fellow 'gans feel about it?

Elgans revere their ancestors as gods, are fascinated by tech, and place strong emphasis on social justice and responsibility despite being chaotic swamp-frog-goblins
For these reasons, I'd like to suggest the addition of a new room/building in Biloxan - a public access holoshrine, in which players can input the names of Elgans past to bring up a little bit of dialogue and description about the deceased. It makes sense to me as a way to widely educate people about important figures, to celebrate their culture and contributions to their society, and to serve as an outlet for any 'gan to worship or reflect if necessary. 

Their fixation on wealth generation and gaming would also, in my opinion, demand the addition of a 'total wealth contribution' score, which would be an inflation-adjusted count of how much wealth was contributed to the Trinity for redistribution at the time of their death. This scoreboard of top earners would be a clear indication of their highly gamified culture, and a fun little quirk you wouldn't typically expect to see in a place of worship. (Plus, ICly, it would be a good motivator to ensure families don't use their clout to hoard resources - you don't want your family's gods to be ranked low, so you go out of your way to increase the total donation score!)

Likely names of deceased Elgans to reference at the outset would be figures already named in brief via memorials, such as Corwin Meron, Heldisa Venci, and both 'Telean' and 'Govan', and should be expanded to reflect any deceased named Elgans from events and lore. 

Let me know what you think! 

- Sot


  • EukeladeEukelade Administrator, Moderator Posts: 176 Starmourn staff
    This is a really cool idea!  I love it when I see things like this because it means y'all find the world engaging and interesting enough to want to expand what there is to know about it.

    The shrine idea is a very Elgan thing (for that matter, it's also a little similar to Krona culture - Krona also revere their ancestors if they did cool stuff, though they don't find them godly or divine. There's a library on Gunurash III that has something very similar to what you're describing in the room description, even if it hasn't been fully fleshed out yet.) 

    The scoreboard idea is an interesting twist...imagine dying without a high score, heh. 

    Thank you for the post!  Maybe we'll see something like this in Biloxan one day!
  • AfesotinuilarAfesotinuilar Member Posts: 3
    If I can ever help with writing out anything, please let me know! I'd be delighted to be assistant for a day!
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