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VOIDWITCH Concerts, Events, Promos

Starting a thread to document the history of the band VOIDWITCH including logs from concerts, events, etc.

Poet is lead, Gwoss on drums, and Ibo is band manager.

Here's the first few documented events.

'Escape' at the Scatterfest 2:

'Winter Song' at the Winterflame Grounds:

'I Hate Winterflame' at Winterfest:

Jins 'n Juice photoshoot:
A super fun event with NPCs Nayami (played by Damiel) and Sanji (played by Soren).

'Top Witch' at Lamentations:
Featuring discussion on spooky juice


  • IboIbo
    edited January 2021
    Announcing the VOIDWITCH Mech-Wash-Palooza photo contest (PUBLIC NEWS 408, copied below)

    VOIDWITCH in association with O-Ken's Mech-U-Shine is proud to present the Mech-Wash-Palooza photo contest. Come join in the wet and wild fun as the sector's premier model and musical sensation, Poet Yi'jiaru, washes mechs for charity. Grab a towel, dodge the high-blast pressure washers, and strike a pose with the Voidwitch for a chance to win these fabulous prizes:
    * All participants will get goodies from FIVE rainbow tesseracts and take home a photo of themselves with Poet.
    * 3rd Place - 20 credits and a commemorative VOIDWITCH t-shirt.
    * 2nd Place - 30 credits and a commemorative VOIDWITCH t-shirt.
    * 1st Place - 50 credits, a t-shirt, and your photo will be featured on an official VOIDWITCH holo that will be projected all across the sector (wherever junk can be found).
    Don't miss this rare opportunity to have your picture taken with the Voidwitch herself!
    // Tentatively planned for February 7th Sync+2. Additional prizes and more details to follow. See HELP POSE and note there is an 80 character limit. You will be able to suggest Poet's accompanying pose but not set it verbatim nor force her into posing in any particular way.
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