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Announcements post #174: Lots of fixes and updates!

From: Heroically Concise Damiel
Subject: Lots of fixes and updates!

Hello Space Cadets!

Here's a big ol' update list of what I've been upto this past week or so:

Jins & Juice RP event:
Last weekend Soren and I ran a super fun player-requested RP event with Ibo, Poet and Gwoss in Bodean. Check your junk for the results! (pun intended)

Litharge player org additions:
- After its shady start in Tranquility Deepness, Stareater Industries has moved to a new and hi-tech HQ premises in Litharge's Corporate Territory.
- Our favorite cuddly do-gooders GCEPS have also finally got a headquarters in the slightly less corporate undercity.
I wonder if any of you resourceful types can think of a way to get into their secure spaces? Hmm...

Xenozoo Bounty:
I've added all other accessible xenozoo animals (doesn't include one-offs, fishes, quest mobs etc) to the possible creatures that might come up on your daily XENOZOO BOUNTY, with 89 animals added, making the list 120 in total now!

New Jewelry Patterns:
Added a few design types to the jewelry skill:
666 rings_(horns) (YES, number 666 is horn rings. NO I honestly did not do that on purpose.)
667 finial_(horns)
668 headband_(jewelry)
669 twine_(horns)
670 headscarf
671 ornament_(branches)
672 ornaments_(branches)

Design character lengths:
After much debate, we decided to increase the character limit for some of the fields on tradeskill designs as follows:
Previous New
Appearance 50 60
Dropped 80 100
Examined Remains at 1500
1P Actions 240 300
3P Actions 240 300
1P Act_2 120 300
3P Act_2 120 300
We can't wait to see more of your great designs coming in! (And CA people remember to enter Zoe's Malice design contest!)

Design messaging tokens:
Added a couple of new nonbinary-friendly messaging tokens that can now be used in designs: $(he_has$) and $(he_is$). They are used straight after $(he$) to replace the verb accordingly. For example:
$+(caster$) peers at a candied vurbok egg like $(he$) $(he_is$) weighing up whether $(he$) $(he_has$) the stomach for it.
Would appear as:
"Damiel peers at a candied vurbok egg like he is weighing up whether he has the stomach for it."
"Soren peers at a candied vurbok egg like they are weighing up whether they have the stomach for it."
I have also updated the help file with the new info.

Scrapston Art Gallery:
Yep - I know I already announced this but it coincided with a bug that broke the spraycans. Spraycans are now fixed so you can go decorate the area accordingly! (Spoiler alert: It's not really an art gallery, it's the wall along the canal path known to locals as the 'Scrapston Art Gallery' because of all the graffiti. It has many, many walls.)

Dynasty accounts:
Thanks to the amazing Zersiax, Dynasty accounts no longer have a withdrawal limit. So players (with the accounts permission) can now withdraw however much they want from the coffers. Whee, time to save up for that battleship! (Or time to check your permissions, if you have trust issues!)

Trade Terminal Searching:
We're pleased to say that this feature is now working as intended!
The syntax is:
TT SEARCH <weapon/armor type> [MIN] [MAX]
You can ALSO use (light), (medium) and (heavy) to sort armor.
e.g. TT SEARCH (light) 65 75 - will return only light armor suitable for L65-L75
TT SEARCH gauntlet 30 40 - will return gauntlets suitable for L30-L40 etc.

Ship Customizations:
Eukelade made a tweak to ship customization which will allow for more color options going forward. Exciting!

Also fixed a load of bugs, sorted a load of ideas, made some items, and learned a lot about how coding is actually the devil.

Phew... I think that's it.

As always, any questions or whatever, please do send a message. If it's a general thing then please remember to use the BUG/TYPO/IDEA/ISSUE system though.

Have fun everyone!

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