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Announcements post #173: Patch Thursday for 7-1-2021.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Patch Thursday for 7-1-2021.

Hello everyone,
It's been a while, holidays and other shenanigans throwing us off schedule. However, we're back this week with some fun announcements. A big hand to our resident world engineer for keeping everyone apprised during the last few weeks! :)
A late happy new year to all of you from yours truly. Let's make Starmourn even more awesome in 2021.
Let's go right into this week's changes:

- The hacking ability LURE has been overhauled. It now lures in 10-second intervals, for 100 seconds total, aftter which the lure will dissipate. This makes it more useful as an endgame hacking ability.
- the ability CAVEIN in GUNSLINGING now does more damage if the target is lying prone. Quite a bit more damage, in fact. Testing will have to demonstrate if this needs tweaking down the line.
- The CHOKER ability in IMPROVISATION now inflicts the " winded" affliction on those targets it hits initially. It does NOT keep inflicting this affliction on each subsequent active tick.
- There is a new instakill ability in GUNSLINGING, giving the gun route one of it's own. I will not spoil the surprise of this ability, go look! :)
- This isn't noticeable yet, but some of the engineering backend stuff has been improved to make various bot and gadget abilities better down the line. And by down the line I mean probably next week. :)

Finally, a bit of an admin announcement to close off this week's patch notes.
One of this round's classleads made a very good point about ships, and that various things about them are unbalanced, unwieldy and generally up for improvement. We intend to spend the next little while making an effort to make ships, and to a degree space, better for everyone.
You have all submitted great ideas regarding these topics, and we'll be spending time going through those and using them to improve these systems as much as we can.
This will mean my attention will be split between that and classleads for a couple of weeks. I still intend to get several out the door each week, but there might be one or two fewer now and again to compensate for cool space stuff getting built in tandem.
No classlead left behind! :-)

That's enough from me for now. Enjoy these changes, and definitely BUG us if things explode when they aren't meant to.

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