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Announcements post #172: Congratulations, Mystor Phis'tor!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Congratulations, Mystor Phis'tor!

Congrats to Mystor Phis'tor for winning our "Reskin Kneecap" player contest (and thanks to Zersiax for coding up the changes)! We adjusted your submission a little bit to be more thematically appropriate to the class, but the spirit of the submission is alive and well in the new Scoundrel ability: Pocketsand

Thank you for your winning entry, Mystor, and thank you to everyone else who submitted so many funny and interesting ideas. It's too bad we could only pick one.

Now go forth, Scoundrels, and blind your enemies with annoying granules you all keep in your bandoliers for survival purposes!
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