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Announcements post #171: Winterflame is Over.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Winterflame is Over.

Hello my snowball throwing spacers!

Winterflame is over until next year. The mountain guides are no longer leading people through the mists, and the Winterflame Ambassadorial Program has constructed a barricade to prevent hunters from getting lost. The connection between Uycheon III and Omni Station has been removed. (Fortunately, Araxi Lamentations really loves Winterflame, so I have no doubt she'll set up the route again next year.)

The Tosmar Wildlife Preserve, however, still remains accessible, which means the playerbase now has access to Akbazi herds year round.

Don't be too sad about Winterflame going away, because the fun's not QUITE over yet. Rohna Guzmas will continue to hang out in Omni Station for a little while. Make sure you talk to her if you helped out with the Festival! She probably has something for you to thank you for the help. The more you helped, the more you'll get - something to keep in mine for next year.

Happy New Year, everyone! Now go get your presents!

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