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Announcements post #170: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Starmourn - it's 2021 - WE DID IT! WE ESCAPED!!!!!! Well, as far as Starmourn's servers are concerned it's 2021 anyway. And those of us in the Americas won't be far behind! While you're counting down, why don't you head to the Starmourn blog to read our 2020 retrospective? We go over all the highlights of the past year. It's a fun walk down memory lane!

Did you all have a festive Winterflame? It is my favorite Starmourn tradition, and while we're always sad to see it go, I have good news! The Festival grounds will be open until tomorrow night, so you have one last day to toss snowballs and chase imps - until next year. By the way, your New Years Day giftcatchers should be filling as we speak. Make sure to check them!

Another thing you might be interested in doing is checking out this month's promotion. We're revisiting the galaxy's favorite gameshow, Mission Control, this month. It would NOT be weird if people still had some pent up 2020 aggression they wanted to get out in the form of shooting virtual bad guys and winning fantastic prizes. If you've never played Mission Control before, it's simple! Check out HELP MISSIONCONTROL for info. There are ways you can earn missiles for free in game, but if you don't want to wait, or just want to treat yourself, you can purchase them off our website at - the missile batteries are under the "Artifact Packages" section.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff. Here's a tantalizing taste of what you can win in Mission Control's January 2021 grid!

We have two new artifacts for you this month:

Hardened Surveyor - You upgrade your triangulation gear with the latest tech, enhancing its durability. OOC Note: will not prevent object decay, simply prevent charges from being used.

Ascended Hacker - This three part artifact will be a boon to max level hackers looking to upgrade their hacking game, allowing them to instantly hack grids below level 10 (with level 3). Level 1 is only available through Mission Control, but if you want levels 2 or 3, they are available for purchase via the ARTIFACT command right now! Please note that while you can purchase (or win) Ascended Hacker at any level of hacking skill, only max level hackers will be able to take advantage of it.

We have a bunch of other artifacts on the Mission Control grid too, among them:



Items you can win are:

A wall-mounted plushie hammock - Preserve your HugTech plush forever in the sturdy embrace of this attractive fabrisilk net. Installation is a breeze with the magnetic hooks that lock to your ship's bulkhead!

A bulky signal jammer - Neutralize troublesome drones and bots of all sorts every 45 minutes.

A modified IdentTech holoprojector - Spy on your enemies with this expensive piece of tech.

Datashards of proprietary ship customization options - Spiff up your ship with the snazziest paint colors and wing shapes in town.

Also available are the usual slew of atomic matter articulators, minipets, lessons, credits, and more!

I hope you enjoy the first day of 2021, Starmourners - drink the bubbliest drinks, enjoy the fireworks, and pick resolutions so easy you nail them by Day 2. Keep watching - there will be more prizes to come as the month continues.

Happy New Year!


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