Announcements post #167: New Gifts in Your Giftcatchers!

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: New Gifts in Your Giftcatchers!

Hello, Starmourners! It's me again! As you are probably aware, we are moving right along through December of 2020.

I hope that this December, our Winterflame festival is bringing a bit of warmth into what might be the coldest and most difficult month of this cold and difficult year. I also hope that even a pretend celebration of togetherness can help banish a tiny bit of the loneliness a lot of us are experiencing right now! I know it sure makes me feel a little better.

Winterflame is definitely my favorite Starmourn tradition (hey, even a tradition of two years running is valid - check this space in another decade, we're not going anywhere!) - which is why I've loaded up all of your giftcatchers with even MORE gifts. Here's a sneak peak at all the new goodies.


A fluffy baby icehorn
Everyone, this icehorn is so cute I literally caaaaan't. Being a festive sort, this fluffy lil guy enjoys unique interactions with many of your holiday items, in addition to the usual pet behavior. Please be kind to this soft monster.

Winterflame-themed holocard frames/albums
These thematic and seasonally appropriate frames will keep your precious holiday memories from disappearing. Don't let that image of your romantic kiss under the conifers perish!

A frosted hookah
This holiday hookah has all the features of a regular hookah, with a few festive additions. The fancy lights and pretty colors aside, it will also allow you to smoke a seasonal flavoring that is unique to Winterflame - the ingredient for which can be commonly found in the festival ground's forest.

A string of festive lights
Packed with features, this light string changes colors, entertains your brood of baby icehorns, and even plays holiday music from the LUCENT Winterflame Radio Stream. Don't miss out on this gorgeous ambient decoration!

A hand-carved conifer wood rocking chair
An artisan offering directly from Rohn S'wahnSun (a taciturn Tukkav libertarian)'s workshop, this rocking chair is perfect for dragging up beside the firepit and or space heater, and will last you a lifetime - even a lifetime that stretches on into INR-extended infinity. (Unless it gets blown up in your ship) (Plz submit a reimbursement request via ISSUE if that happens as Rohn S'wahnSun's products have a robust replacement policy.)

New frozen fishies!
Two new sea creatures have been added to the chilled fish bag - a frosted sea spider and an argonaut (which has a couple of interesting varieties). Enjoy these creepy and adorable offerings in addition to the creepy and adorable offerings that were already in there.


Wow! So much stuff. Anyway, this is all very fancy and I hope you will enjoy these festive offerings! I have more sale stuff to tell you, though, so keep reading.

In light of the number of new faces we've welcomed over the past month or two, we're also doing a relatively rare thing that we don't do very often, and selling lessons directly on our website. Buying lessons direct is actually a really good value for your money, and if you don't want to grind for dailies, feel like buying a second class as a holiday gift for yourself, or just want to help out the game, purchasing lessons is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to build out your character.

That's all from me. December is half over, but we haven't even begun to show you some of the fun we have planned for you this month. So keep playing, stay tuned, and Happy Flameday!


p.s. Don't forget to keep doing your Winterflame tasks - Saio recently added a cute little enhancement to one of the quests - but you'll have to play them all to find out what it is. ;)
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