Are the winterflame imps aggressive?

bugbobugbo Member Posts: 60
And if so how long will they stick around after they spawn? Will they go away on their own or stay until somebody kills them?


  • AfesotinuilarAfesotinuilar Member Posts: 11
    They're hella aggressive, yes. They attacked me even though I had Nanoseer's Tranquility defence raised, which is supposed to stop aggro things from attacking you.
  • MarcellaMarcella Member Posts: 4
    Some are aggressive and some aren't. I'm not sure if it's an RNG chance on which loads at any given point. Best advise is to Crash or Fly out of range given my ... extensive trial and error on the topic.
  • bugbobugbo Member Posts: 60
    edited December 2020
    Ouch! They certainly aggressive are as I just got killed by one! :(   Somebody told me that they only spawn in the forest though.

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