Omnidancer Gala 2.0 (12.2020)

lupisentialupisentia Member Posts: 3
Thank you to everyone who came out for the Omnidancer Gala last night (for EST, at l)! Really awesome to see so many people online and engaged with the performers. 

Big winners for the night:
  > > > OUR GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Marcella, from Scatterhome! 
  > > SECOND PLACE: Defending champion Saiph, from Scatterhome! 
  > THIRD PLACE: Quark, from the Song Dominion!

Would love to hear any feedback y'all have for the event! I'm sure we can go over not drinking/eating/assembling things during performances before we start the next one... Any other ideas to add? Comment here or message me on discord. 

Omnidancer Gala logs, for those interested!
Major THANK YOU to Holgorath for logging and editing through about 300 pages of info. Log File in the SM discord if you want the zip. Link to same file, but edited for myself, if you're interested:
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