Announcements post #164: Patch Thursday 10-12-2020.

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From: Zersiax
Subject: Patch Thursday 10-12-2020.

Hello everyone,

Another week, another random bunch of fixes and changes. It's almost like we're on Facebook, a new design every month! :-O
We won't horribly invade your privacy though. promise. Maybe. ;)
With that silliness out of the way, on to this week's changes:

- We've implemented a few behind-the-scenes changes that should refresh various windows based on GMCP a little better. Most notably, the list of NPCs and items in a room should now refresh when terminating a hack and when landing after being in flight.
- Speaking of hacking, many of you have clamored and grumbled about the fact that bots seem to spontaneously forget you exist when you're back from a hack. We've given them a stern talking to, and that shouldn't happen anymore.
- Speaking of bots, our motivational speeching has given them a bit of a boost, as well. That is ... they are now coated in a layer of self-confidence and aplomb.
- What that means? Well ...if you hit them now, they start healing. Rapidly. Very, very rapidly. And beyond their regular parameters. It puts them into full combat regeneration mode. AKA you can still kill engineer bots, but're going to have a very hard time doing it.
- Finally, we've made a small change to the blueprint of stimjectors. Even now people are finding they don't work quite the way they used to anymore. You people are too fast! :-O Anyway:
- Stimjectors are no longer self-targeting only. Usage is now: OPERATE STIMJECTOR <target> [param].
- To target yourself, you use your own name.
- To set it to auto, OPERATE STIMJECTOR <your name> OFF/DISABLE/ON/ENABLE.

That's all for this week, we hope you'll like these tweaks and of course we have a bunch of other stuff planned for next week. Some of you may have seen some foreshadowing of that last week.
Welp ...back to coding. And if stuff breaks, you know where we are.

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