Announcements post #163: Discord: December Discussion Session.

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From: Bandus
Subject: Discord: December Discussion Session.

Greetings Starmourners!

We will be holding the sixth Starmourn discussion session on Sunday, 12/12/2020 at 12:00PM ET (9:00AM PT). The topic of this session will be: "Meet the Coding Team!" The discussion will take place on the Official Starmourn Discord. If you're not already in the Discord, you may use this link to join:

This session will be a bit different in that the topic will be more generalized than past sessions. We will be focusing on giving the coders, Florian and Senzei, a chance to introduce themselves as well as discuss what they are working on and have worked on in the recent past. Additionally, we would like to give you all a chance to discuss additions that you all have enjoyed (or not) since the new coders started working in earnest on Starmourn! This might include classlead changes, combat changes, changes to space flight/travel, etc.

Some details for the upcoming session:

* If you are unable to attend or you have questions/issues you wish to raise, but do not wish to use voice during the discussion session, please DM your questions to Bandus so that they can be vocalized!

* We are going to use a bot to record this session for people to listen to!

* These sessions are intended to be constructive discussions in which different perspectives can be heard and acknowledged. Constructive, healthy debate will be welcomed. Otherwise, the conversations will be moderated to ensure that as many people as possible have a chance to be heard and have their points discussed.

* These discussions are unofficial and Starmourn staff are attending as a courtesy. Nothing said during the discussions should be taken as official or as a guarantee that changes will be made to Starmourn.

Like previous sessions, if you do not wish to speak up verbally, you are welcome to sit in the voice channel to listen. You may participate via text (we'd prefer your questions in advance if possible) and we will do our best to ensure what is put into text gets brought up in the voice discussion, within reason.
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