Announcements post #162: 03-12-2020.

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From: Zersiax
Subject: 03-12-2020.

Hello everyone,

For those who celebrated it, a belated happy thanksgiving! Also I hope that black friday and cybermonday didn't eat all your wallets for breakfast. After all is coming! ;)
Without further reminders of how fleeting wealth can be, let's go to this week's updates:

- The level requirement for learning tradeskills has been halved; this allows people who mainly want to roleplay or craft to do this right after the tutorial.
- On that note, there was a cap on the amount of times you were able to expand your downloaded design storage. This limit has been significantly increased and should keep even the most ambitious crafters well supplied with slots, just in time for the December madness. :)
- The Encroachment affliction will now immediately eject you from cover as soon as it is inflicted, this used to take up to several seconds.
- The rejection odds have been doubled, and now this affliction may also stop you from healing subsystem damage.
- Crippled movement's penalty duration has been halved, from 2 seconds to one second.
- Engineer abilities that required a workstation to function, no longer require a workstation to function. We have heard you, and acknowledge that the workstation is currently not useful enough to be a limit in that capacity. The spawning interval for parts in a workstation has also been significantly increased.
- The kneecap ability no longer scales according to muscular damage. It now scales according to sensory damage, creating better synergy. This ability will very likely be reskinned in the near future to fit the new damage type.
- The Melter ability now adds a burst of sensory damage alongside the damage it was already doing.

It is our hope that these changes will spice up combat even more, so go forth and bash each others' collective sku...uhm ... have friendly spars and make merry. ahem.

Winterflame goodies, further combat tweaks and various other things are in the pipeline ... which means I get to hop off and make said pipeline produce new cool stuff!
Enjoy the changes everyone, and see you next week.

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