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What happens if a player is inactive for a long time?

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Will all their inventory have decayed and will their ship insurance have lapsed? That was an annoying problem on some of the other IronRealms muds I've played to log in after a few months only to find all my stuff gone.


  • Your equipment will have decayed, yes. I don't think ship insurance does.

    On the bright side, we don't have consumable curatives here, which goes a long way to making it easy to pop back in after a while. If you ask your faction, you can probably source some Fantom tokens and get geared up pretty quickly. Armor also isn't a huge deal, so if you get the weapons you need you can hunt up the rest.
  • Yeah most factions have a returning spacer type scheme, and the JoyCo tent on Omni has a lot of stuff left in it that people don't want, like weapons and armor, as well as clothes and stuff. We try to keep some sets of low level armor and weapons there too for this purpose. But if you ask on newbie or ft 9/10 times someone will get you sorted!
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    What about the mob that gives you your first armor? Can you go back to them and get fresh newbie equipment?
  • Nope, that's a one and done deal.
    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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