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Announcements post #160: Double Daily Credits!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Double Daily Credits!

Hey spacers. How do you feel about double Daily Credits for five straight days??

All Iron Realms games - including Starmourn! - are holding a special five-day promotion. From Thursday morning until Monday at midnight GMT, your characters will earn double the credits they normally earn for daily credit tasks, up to a maximum of 40 credits per day! After the promotion, the Daily Credits will return to the normal rate of credit earning, and the Iron Realms standard of a maximum of 20 credits per day.

In addition, we are holding a special, one-day sale for Cyber Monday. Do you like the No-Brainer Lesson Packages? If so, keep your eyes peeled for the CyberMonday Lesson Package. 1000 lessons for $10.00. This is in addition to the No-Brainer Packages you may have purchased in the past. Remember, this is one day only, so check in on Monday GMT. If you want one, be sure to check-in!
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