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Question about armor drops for weaker mobs.

It seems that if you get an armor drop from a weaker mob it may be fragile in durability. If the player sells that item on the market and it is bought by a lower level player will the item be fragile for them as well? Would it be better to scrap such items rather than selling them?


  • Fragile just means it has less maximum durability and needs to be repaired more often, it does not affect the stats on it. The durability on all levels of gear is completely random, you can get fragile stuff, you can get sturdy stuff. I'd just scrap any armour you don't need because most will quickly outlevel the pieces you are trying to sell and you won't get much more for them either.
  • Personally i find fragile equipment to have low durability, yes, but higher power when it comes to weapons. But that may just be my luck with the weirdness of RNG 
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