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Announcements post #159: Patch Thursday 19-11-2020.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Patch Thursday 19-11-2020.

Hello everyone,

Among various changes to arenas, preparations for cool things to come and the further empowerment of our storytellers, yours truly has been working on some more classlead-related tweaks and changes.
Without further ado, here's the scoop:

- MWP Protect: Protecting a mob no longer sends mobs into a towering rage. You can safely do this now without getting linched.
- Plasmacasting: Some of you noted that Sear is pretty high up in the Plasmacasting skill, which is problematic for some builds to get off the ground. A new ability, PLASMA FLASH, will now serve as a low-lesson-cost plasmacasting interrupt.
- Impairing: The disorientation affliction for Impairing has been removed. It has been replaced by hallucinations.
- MWP tether: Tethering someone now puts both of you in combat, and afflicts Weak Knees on the target.

Last week's classleads were dutifully put through the wringer by all of you, which leads to the following changes from last week:

- Improvisedcover: At times, you would not properly take cover behind the newly created cover object. This has been fixed.
- Ambush: The combat timer proved to confuse matters even further than they already were, and has therefore been removed as a determining mechanic. Instead, the target receives a temporary immunity to being ambushed which should, in most cases, be shorter than the skill's cooldown. This is subject to further tweaking as we go along.
- Pusher: Some oddities happened where loyal mobs would not always behave as expected after a player would get hit by pusher. This is being looked into.

Other projects, like the space rebalance, accessibility clientside fixes and other previously mentioned things are still being worked on. Cool stuff is in the pipeline, so definitely keep an eye out for the next Patch Thursday.
For now, back to the grind I go ... I mean ...the super awesome coding. Yes. That.
Enjoy the game, and see you next week! :)

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