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Announcements post #158: Arena's Come To Life.

edited November 2020 in Announce Posts
From: World Engineer Senzei
Subject: Arena's Come To Life.

Hello Starmourners,

The time is upon us. Another little project has been completed! Certain members of each organization can now initiate and start their own arena events. There is some things to keep in mind though.

- At this time each faction may only start 2 events per sync.
- An organization is charged for starting an event 5000-6000 marks.
- Currently, the only arena allowing players to start their own events is Omni Station

So who can start events? Well, it is now a city investible power, but by default the following should be able:

Celestine: Guardian, Guardian Prime
Song: Lord Commander, Peacekeeper
Scatterhome: Accountant, Marshals, Spacemarshals.


If you fail to use confirm, you will be told you have to. This is so people understand there is a cost and do not accidently do it willy nilly.

So have fun and start the events you know you want to!

We are working hard to bring you the best Starmourn we can.



  • I LOVE this.

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