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Announcements post #157: November Auction!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: November Auction!

Exciting news! With all the new faces around here lately, and the sale on credits we've been having for the past couple of weeks, we thought we'd give you all something to treat yourselves with. To that end, welcome to our November auction! It will run from now until Saturday the 21st, giving you all plenty of time to bid on all the luscious goodies we have on offer.

Here's a rundown of our available prizes!


Auction #1: The Lost Ship of Aduialneth
In the year 6 A.E., one of the greatest engineers in Decheeran history created the Star Lily, the living space station in orbit around Atria. Shortly after the station's construction, the engineer, Aduialneth, was taking its newest creation on a shakedown run, its own personal space ship designed with the same technology used to build the Star Lily. Unfortunately, due to sabatoge by a rival engineer, the cruise was unsuccessful, and Aduialneth crash-landed on the poorly explored dark side of Atria. Aduialneth was never found. But recently, famed black market ship experts, the Breakers, have unearthed what appears to be Aduialneth's lost vessel, and are currently offering it for auction. Due to the immense engineering prowess of its creator, it remains alive. Due to aftermarket additions and repairs by the Breakers, it is spaceworthy once more. Though rumor has it, the ship has been much changed by a thousand years on the dark side of Atria...

Auction #2: Heartbeat Sensor
This rare artifact is once again on offer for the right price. The heartbeat sensor can be linked to a mutual ally and allows you to TRAVEL TO ally while on the same planet. This has a 3 second channel time. It works both ways - the person you linked may also have the same ability to travel to you.

Auction #3: Portable Heartstart Device
Allows you to OPERATE HEARTSTART once per hour and revive a dead player.

Auction #4: Custom Pet
You will work with the admin team to create a custom pet for you, complete with reactions. This has to be a lore-appropriate pet, and must either be a robotic construction or a small/pet version of a creature type that already exists in the game. No sentient creatures, no fantastic/magical beings, no new races.

Auction #5: Custom ship NPC
You will work with the admin team to create a custom NPC that will reside on your ship. This should be limited to either a crew member, butler, servant or something similar. No important, existing, fantastic, unrealistic characters.

Auction #6: Custom 'zine.
Work with the admin team to create a full suite of customized appearance settings dispensed by a special 'zine, unique to your character.

Auction #7: Custom ship appearance set
Work with one of the admin team to create a set of unique appearance options for your ship. Comes with one unique hull color, one unique hull pattern, one unique hull shape, one unique wing shape, one unique finish, and one unique decal.

Auction #8: Deluxe Smartpaint Can
If you're going to resort to vandalism, why settle for common graffiti? Illegally decorate your environment using this ultra deluxe Smartpaint can, with two hundred and fifty five colors to choose from.


Auction #9: Custom Fish
Auction #10 + #11 - Artifact up to 500 credit value
Auction #12 - Nanite Compression Cube (A really big bag capable of holding 250 items)
Auction #13 - A custom perfume bottle
Auction #14 - 25 glowing blue tesseracts

To get more details on any auction, type AUCTION INFO # at any time. The HELP AUCTION helpfile will also be useful to new players unsure about how to bid - it goes into how to use the AUCTION system in great detail!

Good luck!
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