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Announcements post #156: Classleads 12-11-2020.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Classleads 12-11-2020.

Hello everyone,

As promised, here are the first few classleads you can bash on. Obviously, if stuff breaks or doesn't work as expected, we're only a BUG away.
A brief description of each:

- Guile ImprovisedCover: Scoundrels will now automatically take cover behind the cover they've improvised, nixing the extra two seconds of balance this would otherwise take.
- Oblivion Mark: You can now REMEMBER where you placed your mark. This will give you the room name only, and costs no balance.
- Gunslinging Ambush: Ambush damage has been increased, and it's out of combat timer drastically decreased. This should make it more useful for PVE encounters.
- Exploration Extinguishing: The extinguisher item you require for this ability to work will be buyable from various convenience stores from now on.
- Improvisation Pusher: Pusher should now ignore the target's lack of balance and will once again work on mobs (but not faction guards).

We hope this will bring more dynamic and fair combat to all of you. :-)

See you next week,
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